May 23, 2024

Bitech Max Review –A Simple but a Highly Regulated and Safe Trading Platform

In the recent years, the online trading industry has gotten more complex than ever. In the past, there used to be less trading assets followed by less challenges and complexities. However, the industry has grown complex during this time. This is because most of the online trading service providers believe in offering you with abundance of services and facilities, without even thinking that you will find it very difficult. Therefore, if you want to start with a simple trading platform that is very effective and detailed, then you can continue reading my Bitech Max review.

Trading Assets

You may be thinking that the platform is simple so it may not offer you everything that is available in the online trading industry. Rest assured, the service providers believes in offering you with every service, facility, and advantage that you can expect from the online trading industry but does it with simplicity. It ensures that you do not find it too difficult to sail through the online trading industry.

It starts off by offering you a variety of trading assets that include cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, indices, and stocks. It is your choice whether you would like to go for forex, stocks, or any of the other available assets. Each instrument offers several trading assets so you will be able to gain exposure in hundreds of assets.

Trading Accounts

Just like the trading instruments, there is an abundance of trading accounts at Bitech Max. The platform offers you with for trading options where the micro account represents the basic trading level. Then comes the advanced trading account, followed by silver, and then the gold account.

Each account represents a particular trading experience level and you have the freedom of choosing the one you will serve the purpose.

Each trading account comes with a minimum deposit requirement where the micro account requires the least minimum deposit amount of £5,000. The accounts offered by firm also come with loyalty points, advanced CFC’s, trading alerts, up to 0.50% commission, training program, and so much more.

Trading Platform

This is where most of the trading service providers mess up and bombard you with so many tools and functions that you cannot understand how to handle them.

However, the firm’s web-based trader makes things much easier for you with the help of a unique and a very user-friendly design. It is equipped with the latest trading tools such as graphs, charts, reports, trading signals, and so much more.

The platform also lets you trade from anywhere you like because it is available via web so you do not have to download it. It also allows you to perform automated trading actions.

Transaction Safety

The firm wants to ensure your information does not get into the hands of any hackers or unauthorized persons, be it personal or private data. To ensure the safety of your information, Bitech Max encrypts all of your transaction. It has acquired the SSL Security Certification which confirms it is capable of keeping your personal and financial data safe from unwanted elements.


The firm does not want to do anything that pushes it out of the regulatory jurisdictions. It has always remained adherent with the regulatory policies that include KYC, CFT, and AML. The firm does not want to break either of the rules laid out in the policies and expects your complete cooperation in making that happen. With the regulatory adherence, the firm has been able to offer a highly secure and specialized trading environment ever since it has come into being.

Customer Support

Bitech Max’s customer support is very professional and is always available to take your queries. You can get in touch with them through landline and email. You can even send them a message directly through the firm’s website and they will get back to you. It does not matter whether your query is general or is about your account, the customer support is competent enough to answer all of them.

Ending Thoughts

It may sound very easy to become part of the online trading industry but it is not easy at all. Remember, no matter how much support you are offered by any platform, the trades you execute are based on your very own judgment. Therefore, you have to be extra careful with that and do not make any mistakes. If you do, you will end up facing a huge loss.