May 23, 2024

Waterman Bates Reviews – A Trading Firm You Will Never Grow Bored of

It is a common nature of every human being that they grow tired of doing one thing over and over. However, when it comes to making money, the situation changes. But if the online trading market is big and you only get to invest in its small fragment, you will definitely grow bored. If you are looking for a platform that fills your trading journey with excitement where you have access to multiple trading options, then Waterman Bates will be a fine choice. If you continue reading my Waterman Bates review, you will know what I mean by that.

The firm is Regulated

The firm is regulated and has remained this way ever since it was founded. One of the very reasons it has managed to operate successfully all these years is because it has adhered to the KYC, AML, and even the CFT guidelines. By adhering to these policies, the platform has continued offering a safe and a specialized trading environment to the investors. If you want to trade peacefully and without any hassles, then you should go for the same firm as well.

Private and Financial Info is Safe

When interacting with an online trading firm, your worst nightmare would be to have your personal or financial information stolen or leaked out from the platform’s system. The firm will never give you the chance to think that way because it has an SSL Security System in place to fully encrypt your data. Therefore, all your personal and financial data is secure and cannot be seen by the eyes of the hackers or unauthorized personnel.

Email and Phone Support

Imagine ever getting stuck with something that keeps bothering you and is related with Waterman Bates. Do not worry and simply reach out to the firm’s support team. They can be reached out through email or phone support. They specialize in taking your queries and provide you with the best solution. They are always on their toes and will never disappoint you.

Academic Program

Apart from working on your live trades, Waterman Bates also works on shaping your trading profile. This is possible when you keep learning more about the online trading markets, assets, and scenarios that you may face. You can learn all about them through the platform’s learning program. You have access to eBooks, webinars, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions, all of them aimed at improving your trading skills.

Choose from a List of Assets

At the firm, the list of trading assets keep going on and on until it crosses the 250 figure. You are never short on trading assets as the platform keeps adding more assets. For now, the most prominent ones include cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, stocks, and commodities. You can go ahead and choose the one you like and the support from the firm will keep you on the straight path. They will keep offering you their support until you are able to walk on your feet in the market.

Entire Catalogue of Trading Accounts

Just like the assets, you also have access to a catalogue of tailor-made trading accounts. You can choose any trading account you like based on your experience. The list of the accounts starts from micro account. Then the second one is basic, the third one is premium, the fourth one is platinum, and the fifth one is gold. The gold is the absolute level of trading where you are used to challenges and many trading assets. You can choose an account based on your needs, fulfill the minimum deposit requirement, and start trading.

Fully Loaded Trading Platform

Waterman Bates’ trading platform is fully loaded with the latest trading features and tools. Whether it is processing reports, charts, graphs, or view trading review, market news, or trading signals, you can do it through the platform.

You can access it from any part of the world as it is available through the browser. It is also available on the smartphone applications whether iOS or android.

Ending Thoughts

You must keep in mind that no matter how much you get bored, you never lose focus when trading. If you do, then you may end up facing losses that you cannot recover from. The online trades are always challenging and will always remain that way so you must stay very alert when interacting with them.